Concert: "From Spain to the new world "

Poster for spanish music concert  (flute and guitar) in Athenaeum Foundation
1st proposal: Hand drawn illustration with acquarella. / 2nd proposal; digital work.  
The second one was selected by the group and got printed. Athens 2018

new year's perspective

All the best for 2018!
Acrylic paint, markers, light markers- pen. Athens 2017

"THE FAIRYTALE OF LONELINESS" - Το παραμυθι της μοναξιας

Book layout and creation of 12 double-page hand drawn paintings for the story "THE FAIRYTALE OF LONELINESS" written by poet and writer PANOS KYPARISSIS . Inspired by the sensitivity of the text, the final medium chosen for the illustrations was acquarella and pencil.
Athens 2016- 2017. Published by Kaleidoscope Publications (November 2017)

Video - interview book publication


Creation of a character- hero for the new safety campaign for the firm CABLEL Hellenic Cables.  
Firm requests: The character had to incorporate the existing logos of Cablel and of Cenergy Holdings in a way non directly visible, but smoothly incorporated into a new design. The new character should be able to move and hold things , but with no referral to animal/person mascot and , vivid firm colors and a very minimal design..
Athens, 2017.


Draft proposal: Creation of collage illustrations for the "Prunia" liquer website. The images intend to narrate a story of Skopelos island and its historical background of plum trees agriculture and its products .  Athens, summer 2017.

"The magic violin"

Creation of 8 background collage illustrations for the "Magic Violin" theater performance for children, in collaboration with scenographer Myrto Lamprou. The images are projected on the set -designed by the scenographer, with a wide projector during the performance.  Athens, 2016- 2017. Chora Theater, 

during the play...


first drafts / proposals ..


Digital illustrations, art direction and page layout for "The Ghosts of T. Papayiannis", presentation book for the great sculptor and his work.Published by kaleidoscope editions, Athens 2016.

"the rake conspirators"

 24 vector illustrations, page layout and printing supervision for the fairy-tale "The rake conspirators", published by kaleidoscope publications, Athens 2015. /


first drafts / proposals..