"The magic violin"

Creation of 8 background collage illustrations for the "Magic Violin" theater performance for children, in collaboration with scenographer Myrto Lamprou. The images are projected on the set -designed by the scenographer, with a wide projector during the performance.  Athens, 2016- 2017. Chora Theater, http://www.theatrochora.gr/parastaseis/parastasi-to-magiko-violi/

during the play...


first drafts / proposals ..


Digital illustrations, art direction and page layout for "The Ghosts of T. Papayiannis", presentation book for the great sculptor and his work.Published by kaleidoscope editions, Athens 2016. http://kaleidoscope.gr/arts/fandasmata-thodorou-papagianni.html

"the rake conspirators"

 24 vector illustrations, page layout and printing supervision for the fairy-tale "The rake conspirators", published by kaleidoscope publications, Athens 2015. http://kaleidoscope.gr/synomotes.html / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_mwmv0TxWM


first drafts / proposals..