Draft proposal: Creation of collage illustrations for the "Prunia" liquer website. The images intend to narrate a story of Skopelos island and its historical background of plum trees agriculture and its products .  Athens, summer 2017.

"The magic violin"

Creation of 8 background collage illustrations for the "Magic Violin" theater performance for children, in collaboration with scenographer Myrto Lamprou. The images are projected on the set -designed by the scenographer, with a wide projector during the performance.  Athens, 2016- 2017. Chora Theater, http://www.theatrochora.gr/parastaseis/parastasi-to-magiko-violi/

during the play...


first drafts / proposals ..


Digital illustrations, art direction and page layout for "The Ghosts of T. Papayiannis", presentation book for the great sculptor and his work.Published by kaleidoscope editions, Athens 2016. http://kaleidoscope.gr/arts/fandasmata-thodorou-papagianni.html

"the rake conspirators"

 24 vector illustrations, page layout and printing supervision for the fairy-tale "The rake conspirators", published by kaleidoscope publications, Athens 2015. http://kaleidoscope.gr/synomotes.html / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_mwmv0TxWM


first drafts / proposals..

"Φ" - CALLIOPE the muse of poetry

the muse of poetry
For this Synergastirion publication, Paris Koutsikos and Vassilis Georgiou invited colleagues and friends to design a letter of the alphabet, drawing on inspiration from Calliope, the muse who presides over epic poetry, rhetoric and all the arts. The alphabet was printed by members of the Synergastirion under the guidance of Chrisanthos and Manolis Angelakis, in the Stoa of Merchants on the 30th-31st May 2015, by silkscreen printing by hand, on 60 numbered copies in three colour variations, on Munken Pure Rough paper 300gsm from Perrakis Papers. The bookbinding with silkscreen adhesive took place at the studio of Chrisanthos and Manolis in October 2015.


Creation of logo and Coorporate Identity for "ΚΙΝΗΤΡΟ"-child teenager developing skills' studio. Athens 2015

initial proposals..

"The gift of the moon", fairy vector illustrations

30 Vector illustrations and layout design for the "Vjosa/Aoos River Ecomuseum" Guidebook. 
Published by Med-Ina Institute (Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos) Athens, 2014